On No! I’m Becoming My Dad- (Almost) Every Man’s Nightmare


Crap, I was starting to sound like my dad. 

My daughters aren’t calling or staying in touch. I feel forgotten. A part of me feels like they don’t appreciate or love me. 

How dare they? 

After everything I’ve done for them, they owe me. 

Then I remembered that my babies don’t owe me anything. I did everything from a place of love- not as a transaction. Plus, I am not in the debt-collection business. 

But dad needs love too.

My oldest thinks she’s an adult. That might be because she’s almost 20, and legally she’s been an adult for a minute. There’s that. 

Finding quality time to catch up with her has been challenging.

My only option was to start treating her like an adult. So I decided to do what I now do with my close friends. I asked my big girl if she would be open to having a monthly brunch date with dad. 

She didn’t flinch and said: NO.

Just kidding. She said: Yes. Of course, she said yes. 

I could continue the timeless pattern of complaining that my kids never call me. Or I could try to find a solution that wouldn’t make my daughter feel guilty. 

So it’s booked along with weekly check-in calls. I had to be intentional about what I needed.  

This dad needs love and attention. A lot of it. So says my love languages.

By Teevee Aguirre