Cultivating Sense of Wonder

There is nothing like seeing someone perform their ART!

My sense of wonder is through the roof when I am in the presence of these artists.

Let me give you an example. It’s good I promise. Read on.

I started doing improv late 2009 with this little improv training company named Dallas Comedy House. They had a vision and the guts to make things happen. Since they launched, they have steadily grown and moved into their new place in Deep Ellum in Dallas.

To watch them grow has been a tremendous joy! But to watch the students that take improv and the transformation which takes place is truly breathtaking.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching art created before my very eyes. I’ve had the pleasure of watching people find this beautiful piece of themselves and being given the opportunity to display it to the world. How beautiful is that?

Improv changes you. Trains you to see the humor in even the most mundane of moments. Your mind becomes razor sharp or at least a dull knife. Hey, they still can cause some damage.

And this gives me a sense of wonder. Now I need to hurry up and get my ass back in class. 🙂

By Teevee Aguirre