Lessons in Scarcity After Divorce

That scarcity taught me to appreciate and maximize everything. I only had a few hours with them. 

It scared me straight since there was little to no time to waste. It’s almost as if there’s a countdown every weekend.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock…

Every conversation mattered. Every choice mattered. Every activity mattered.

A little dramatic, I suppose, but it kept us engaged.

I found that the scarcity made them also appreciate their time with me. 

They enjoyed themselves and looked forward to our adventures.

The first year was challenging, but we all adjusted as we made those moments count. We did things that were fun and engaging. 

We had painting sessions, played at the park, played improv games, as well as trips to the book store and library.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock…

As I found my groove, I decided to teach them one life principle every weekend.

Some of these lessons were big. Too big for their little minds to grasp, I presumed, but I had to plant the seeds then.

Those seeds took root, and now see them in full bloom as we are in the end-game of their childhood.

Then it was time to take them home. The party was over, for now.

I employed a classic marketing and storytelling trick to build anticipation for our next weekend. I would leave them with a tease for our next adventure. 

Watching them walk away was always emotional, but I was proud of the memories we created and knowing that we made the most of our time.

⌛️ Tick-tock…

By Teevee Aguirre