Letter from the Out There

Hi, I’m coming to you from the Out There.

Not here, but Out There.

People always talk about the fear they have about putting themselves Out There. It’s as if it’s a mystical land of enchantment and creativity.

But why the fear? Why the apprehension?

The Out There is very much like the place you live now. It’s just an alternate universe that exists in our minds.

The moment you share something, you’re magically transported Out There.

It sounds intimidating, but the truth is that you won’t be alone. More and more people are putting themselves Out There every day. You can easily speak to other citizens of the Out There and support each other in the journey.

Together we can overcome any hate or negativity that you will encounter.

Here’s an interesting thought experiment. If enough of us put ourselves Out There, who will be Right Here?

Gone are the days when putting yourself Out There was a lonely proposition. There are many of us already here.

Join us.


Citizen of the Out There


By Teevee Aguirre