Near-Away Get-Away: A Retreat into Love and Silence

The difference was immediate.

As I opened the door to our cabin, silence enveloped me, broken only by the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.

You don’t realize the pervasiveness of urban noise until you step away from the city’s embrace. There is the perpetual humming of air conditioners, the clangor of trains on tracks, and the distant wail of police sirens rushing along the horizon freeway.

Always noise. Always on.

But for a couple of days, that changed. I’ve whisked my partner away on a wild excursion, just 90 minutes away – a much-needed getaway. Not another country, not even another state, but a 90-minute drive east of Dallas.

The goal? To spend a few intimate hours away from the mayhem of our day-to-day lives and connect with each other. Or reconnect.

Just me, my lady, and the woods.

While the views weren’t breathtaking, the sight of nature outside the expansive window was still captivating.

We fought. We bonded. We became one. It was strangely poetic.

I’ve never felt such a profound connection with someone as I did those days. Our embrace was tight, unyielding, two beings merging into a single flame of passion. Breathing in unison, with each inhale, we became closer and closer. Upon exhaling, we would relax and melt into each other even more.

I lack the vocabulary to explain how beautiful this felt. It’s mystifying how two people, already in love, can find new depths to their affection.

It might sound like a cliché from a romantic comedy, yet it was our profound experience.

Time to schedule another ‘cheesy’ escape, another journey to rediscover the magic that we share.

By Teevee Aguirre