Our Moment Above Everyone Else

She could have chosen anyone, but my daughter chose me.

Her band director asked them to find someone they would like to participate in this yearly ritual. I had to climb the big ladder to get to her since she’s the drum major—the leader. 

Now we were both there being goofy. Being us.

I did my best to absorb the information she was trying to give me. I took it seriously. In between mini-lessons, we would wiggle and dance. 

I had no idea that there were people taking photos and videos.

Someone said to me,

 “I see where she gets it from.”

Not sure what “it” she was referring to her goofiness, her musicality, or her desire to do well. 

I think it’s all of it. At least, this is the story I’m telling.

I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

To witness the respect that she has from her director and team was sweet. I know they have all been working hard to get to this point where they make it look effortless. 

We shared this moment together. My baby brought me front and center into her world.

She was proud to showcase her dad.

That means something, right?

By Teevee Aguirre