No Monuments or Buildings Named After Me Please

Maybe I am strange. Scratch that. I am strange by most people’s accounts. Some may even say I am unique if they feel like being friendly.

But I have no burning desire to see my name engraved on a statue or have building named after me. And despite being a man, I don’t have any need to keep having children until I have a boy simply to carry on my name.

Trust me, I have a HUGE ego. You would think that I would keep banging out children until I had this boy. Yet, I don’t.

I am a Mexican (like cross the border, OMG, where’s your green card type of Mexican). Every time I talk to older people I inevitably get hit with the “So are you going to keep trying?”

There are two lovely ladies that will do a fine job carrying on my words and beliefs. Yes, I recognize that they may marry and eventually lose my family’s name. But it doesn’t concern nor consume me.

I draw a great deal of satisfaction knowing I have impacted some people’s lives. I learned a lot from some brilliant friends I have come in contact with and done my part to carry on their teaching by sharing. I am truly at peace and content with that and that’s that! So no, I will not keep trying to have a boy!

Besides, who would really be able to take “Teevee National Monument” serious?

By Teevee Aguirre