Staci Benson: Direct Primary Care Clinic with a Focus on Personal Care

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In today’s episode, we talk to Staci Benson of¬†Paradigm Family Health, which is a Direct Care Primary Clinic in Dallas.

Basically, I pay her a monthly fee to be my personal doctor and care for my family’s health. She takes no insurance yet I still save a ton of money and feel that I am finally in charge of my own health because insurance has been removed from the equation.

Not completely. But almost.

She takes her time with her patients which is something that I haven’t felt in decades.

Hit the play button and listen in and learn exactly what she does and why it may be something to consider for yourself.

For more information, visit her website or find her on Facebook.
Paradigm Family Health

Interested in finding someone in your city? Google “Direct primary Care + Your City”

You can also look on these websites:

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By Teevee Aguirre