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Cultivating Sense of Wonder


There is nothing like seeing someone perform their ART! My sense of wonder is through the roof when I am in the presence of these artists. Let me give you an example. It’s good I promise. Read on. I started doing improv late 2009 with this little improv training company named Dallas Comedy House. They had a vision and the guts to make things happen. Since they launched, they have steadily...

The world opens up!


This week has been another awesome week. This month is going to be monumental. Well, since I am on the timeline… this lifetime is already one for the ages! 🙂 My apologies! I couldn’t help myself. A lot of positive things going on. I am into week 4 of my improv training and making improvements (although not fast enough!) And on October 22nd, my group performs our Showcase! I am getting...