On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


Lessons in Scarcity After Divorce


That scarcity taught me to appreciate and maximize everything. I only had a few hours with them.  It scared me straight since there was little to no time to waste. It’s almost as if there’s a countdown every weekend. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock… Every conversation mattered. Every choice mattered. Every activity mattered. A little dramatic, I suppose, but it kept us engaged...

My Marriage Was My Biggest & Best Failure


My marriage was my best and biggest failure. It sounds so dramatic, but it’s true.  Growing up, I always wanted to be married. It’s heavily ingrained in my culture, and I was looking forward to having my own family. My mom was putting a ton of pressure on me to get married. NOW! I was 25 and getting older every year. I was a wee bit desperate. I was clueless about dating and how to be...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father