Vulnerability Buys You Freedom

“Vulnerability Buys You Freedom”

James Altucher said this on the Rich Roll podcast and found myself nodding vigorously in agreement.

For me, not having to worry about being “exposed” in some way is such a liberating feeling.

I’ve been sharing my story since I was in my 20s. Even before I realized that I was vulnerable in the process, it just felt right, and I wasn’t ashamed.

Somewhere in my path, I discovered that I am not unique and that if I went through a painful experience, then many others have also gone through this experience. So why not share it.

This reality is why I speak openly about my divorce and my journey in raising my daughters from a distance. Knowing that one out of every two marriages fails means I can relate to a whole lotta people.

We’re all on the same damn boat called life. Let’s sail together.

Being vulnerable and sharing my failures and my insecurities is just not that big of a deal. Sharing my lessons along my path makes me feel like it was worth the pain at that moment.

Any time an artist or a writer shares in public, it’s an act of vulnerability. We share a piece of our life with the world; we are opening ourselves to criticism and negativity.

But you are also opening up ourselves to connections, positivity, and support.

I choose to focus on the latter. I choose freedom.

By Teevee Aguirre