Best Father In Dallas?

Not hardly. I try to be the best father I can be.

I try to be the best father my girls need me to be.

In some cases, I am firm. Soft. Demanding. A pushover.

Regardless of what people may assume I am fully aware of the way that I am pushed by the Girls.

I am fully aware of the programs I am installing in their little super powered minds.

Some of these programs/beliefs run automatically, while others will take years before they become fully obvious to all.

In some cases, I am purposely installing programs that I will not run until they are teenagers. Some have already called me foolish.

This may be true. But I recognize the full power and implications of these years. They are the foundation.

Yes, I believe this will come to pass. Shake your head now if you like. 🙂 Meet me back here in a few years, and wag your finger at me at that time.

More articles and thoughts to come on my beliefs on parenting and my role as a father. Maybe not the best, yet fully involved.

By Teevee Aguirre