I’m Finally The Man I’ve Dreamed of Becoming


I’m 45. If anyone asks me in conversation, I freely answer. I never say: Oh my, you know that it’s not polite to ask a gentleman his age, right?

I’m proud of the fact that I’m finally the man I dreamed of becoming. My 18-year-old self would be proud of us.

If I can do it, you can too.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be older. I give less fucks about stupid stuff or things that I can’t control. I’ve seen so many things come and go and come back again. Nostalgia, am I right?

I’ve made many foolish mistakes that taught me invaluable lessons. But I’ve also had the privilege of learning from being an observer and simply paying attention.

It’s evident why older people are so wise: they lived long enough to see the long-term implications of many of their decisions early in life. The perspective + hindsight from this vantage point is astounding. I aim not to be a bitter old fuck, though.

My kids are about to head off to college and start their careers. I’m in the endgame of this phase of fatherhood.

So, I’m going to fly the coop.

I’m rocking the Dad Bod to its full potential and comfortable in my skin. It’s been a long, painful road here, but I’m eager to share my stories, lessons, and experiences.

I’m filming videos regularly, restarted my podcast, and writing daily. I once fancied myself a writer. I let it go because I thought I wasn’t a good writer and felt like no one cared what I had to share.
I was wrong. Someone was always reading and listening.

Besides, I’m confident my stories will make an impact on at least two people. I write, speak, and perform for them.

Anyone else tuning in to the Teevee show is just a bonus. I see you.

Thank you.

By Teevee Aguirre