Science Says “Show & Tell” is Needed & Natural Despite Becoming Big Babies/Adults

Remember “show and tell” in school?

You got to stand up in front of the class and shine. You would show your new doll, pet rock, or construction truck to the entire class. Good times.

Despite growing up, adults are just big kids with bills and high blood pressure. We are still eager to “show and tell.” But now, talking about yourself is seen as a horrible thing.

The little kid in us is throwing a tantrum.

What does science tell us? Big-headed Harvard neuroscientists Jason Mitchell and Diana Tamir have done the work and concluded that we’re wired to derive pleasure from sharing our stories and experiences.

Pleasure! We derive pleasure.

Furthermore, research shows that 40% of our conversations are about our personal experiences or personal relationships.

So why do we hate those that share too much? Might they take up more than the allotted 40% of “show and tell?” Are they taking up too much airspace and not allowing you to share your 40%?


We’ve been told that this type of behavior is unacceptable throughout our lives. Only pretentious, self-centered individuals talk about themselves.

How dare they?

If someone shares a happy or proud moment- they’re seen as a show-off. If they share a negative story- they’re sharing too much.

There’s no winning with everyone.

I invite you to share. Show me those baby pictures and make me miss my kids being young. Share your writing, your photography, your sunsets, your stories. Yes, we even enjoy those selfies and photos of your dinner.

Haters gonna hate. Lovers love.

Show and tell right here. There is a lot of us who genuinely enjoy your journey.

We’ll hold this space for you.

By Teevee Aguirre