Daddy Daughter Podcast – Asking My Adult Kid on How I Screwed Her Up

This show is about to become the best Daddy Daughter Podcast ever. Maybe.

I talk a lot about my daughters and how I raised them. I share my lessons and stories on parenting and how I tried to show up in their lives. 

Some people (in youtube comments) were so enraged with my beliefs on parenting that they wondered if I was even really a dad because I seemed so clueless.

How could I have been so naive as to think it was about love, guidance, and support?

Others were certain that I was raising some pansies that would be crushed by the real world. 

Now that my daughters are adults, it’s time to face the harsh truth: I completely screwed up their upbringing. But hey, at least we can all laugh about it now, right?

And speaking of laughter, you simply must listen to the latest episode of my podcast, where I chat with my eldest daughter, Fe Aguirre, about how I failed as a parent. 

It’s a real knee-slapper, let me tell you. And the best part? 

Fe has agreed to return as a regular guest, so we can all revel in my parenting failures together.

By Teevee Aguirre