Where Have I Been?

I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I wrote last. Then I realized the major reason for my absence.

My Ladies
My Ladies

My daughters have spent the month of July with me. I have gone swimming at least twice in the last 3 weeks. One week we even went 4 times. I have been playing a lot of basketball and spending a lot of time outside with them. All three of us have gotten really dark in the last few weeks. 🙂

Here I am now on July 27. In a few days they will be going home to their mother. I am quite sad about it.

During the month I have had to change my work patterns to work around them. I could not focus on working because I wanted to spend my time with them. I wanted them to remember the time they were with me. (I am anxious to hear them tell stories about their summer of ’09 with their papi.)

The only time I have felt like I could truly work was right about now, between the hours of 11pm-3am. Although that sounds crazy, it has worked well for me.

But now I only have 4 days left with them. Then what? I am not sure yet. Eventually I will settle in to a new work pattern, but I know I will miss our nightly “Familia!” chants and our nightly goodnight kisses. Oh, and I will miss the nightly tickle game right before they go to sleep.

I suppose I will just miss them in general.

By Teevee Aguirre