Who’s Mentoring Who?

Last week I met with my mentee (real word) for the first time. I almost thought I wouldn’t make it on time.

I had made a trip to San Antonio for the weekend and decided to drop in on my Tia in Houston Sunday night. I am such a great nephew, even though I haven’t seen them in over 10 years. (Long story)

I show up in Houston and crashed my cousin’s birthday party. Did I mention I am a great cousin too? 🙂

My original intent was to head home right after that and be home by 10pm. I was feeling a little lazy and tired of sitting on me rear and decided to stay at my Tia’s house for the night. At the crack of dawn, I was to mount my chariot of enchantment and head back to the land of Cowboys and Romo.

Mother nature had other plans. It rained a lot. A whole hell of a lot! I waited patiently, because I am a patient man. Exactly.

The rain would not let up. I finally was compelled to make an executive decision…. hit the road and brave the storms. Unfortunately, I had not written my will and had not acquired life insurance for my daughters. Not good.

Not good, because apparently Houston was flooding in certain parts. The area was in was one of those locations… fun. My little Civic almost took a swim. No exaggeration.

Luckily, I was able to meander the flooded streets of good ol’ Houston and figured if I could somehow get on the freeway, I could be on my freeway. Time was of the essence. I had to be back in time for my mentee.

After all, how does it look if a mentor shows up late? What will that say about me? Never mind the fact that I had a good excuse. I did, did I not?

I concluded after about 150 miles that the state of Texas must have been under one huge black cloud. I concluded correctly! It was raining the entire trip. I am good, what can I say?

Eventually I made it home, with one hour to spare. Just enough time to shower, shave, and grab a quick taco.

I am so thankful I made it. My mentee was so eager to meet me. We talked for a bit and realized he was determined to have me draw something. He handed me a pack of white paper and a pencil.

Draw something he said to me. So, I did. Under pressure!

I didn’t think much of my little drawing. He, on the other hand, thought it was an amazing piece of art. I was touched. Who was inspiring who I ask?

He loves dragons and loves to draw. I made an attempt at drawing a dragon, but it looked more like a mutant duck dragon. I began to draw another dragon and he finished it. Pretty cool. 🙂

I was reminded of how much I take for granted in that moment. That which comes easily to me is seen as such a wonderful thing from the perspective of a 6th grader.

Thank you for the reminder. I needed it.

By Teevee Aguirre