Socialization and the Hula Hoop Challenge

The great Ashley Ambirge recently wrote on her blog, The Middle Finger Project,  about Socialization (wonders if that should be capitalized) and the fact many of us are robots.

She defines Socialization as the “the inheritance of the norms, customs, values of a culture“. Although society needs structure, I agree that this should not be at the expense of our creativity and our voice.

Ashley put up a little contest in which she challenges her readers to prove they are not robots. I ACCEPT SAID CHALLENGE!

She wants us to record ourselves hula hooping in the most creative place possible. This challenge has inspired me to do this with my daughters. Win or lose, I want to do this with them. They are already practicing with the hula hoop I have here. As for myself, I will have you know this skinny fool got skills, YO!

I am in the process of finding someone that would not be embarrassed to roll with us and record this adventure. This is actually becoming a little bit of a challenge in itself. Most people do not want to look like fools.

The motivation for this is not only to have fun with my midgets but to make sure they know that we are a team. If people do think we are fools, at least we do this as a team… as a family.

Is that such a bad thing?

By Teevee Aguirre