On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father

AuthorTeevee Aguirre

Teevee is an insanely funny and humble man who has traveled the world in his mind at least a dozen times since his imagination began to bloom at the tender age of 31. You can find him making a dent in the universe by sharing his lessons on parenting, marketing, manhood, relationships, leadership and whatever else tickles his fancy.

One body. One mind.


“Your entire life happens inside your body.
It’s the one home you will always occupy and can never sell…
Everything is downstream from how your body is functioning.” @jamesclear
This quote shook me.
It refocused me to take care of my mental and physical wellbeing.
One body. One mind. That’s all we get.

13 Years since I Walked Away


13 years since I walked away…
from my dependable job with benefits and reliability. Still standing and thriving.
Don’t be fooled by the hype. It’s not easy.
It’s not recommended for the faint of heart. But I had to bet on myself and went all in.
Plus I don’t have a heart.

The Power of Influence and Inspiration


A lot of what I have written in this blog to this point has been on a deeper level. Lessons I have learned after a lot of trial and error. Joseph,a great friend of mine, asked me once why I was so smart. To which I humbly replied,” I am not smart at all, I just have learned from my mistakes” To which he quickly and innocently enough replied, “ Wow, you must have made a lot of...

I wish I could remember


I wish I could remember the last time…
they ran into my arms & then I tossed them in the air.
The glee & laughter would set the tone for the ride home.
They’d tell me about their week and all the new friends they made.
Then they’d ask about our plans for the weekend and what adventures we were going on.
I wish I could remember. #fatheringfromadistance

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father