Bring Life On

No matter how hard I try I can’t get it right.

Today began month four of my journey of independence. My journey into business. I have had to adapt and change almost daily.

However, I do have a sketch of a plan. It involves multiple phases and a ton of new knowledge to cram in my brain. And I love it.

I am now seeing the fruits of my labor. Despite a couple of hiccups in my life, many things are coming together.

And today was a poetic day that ended with a poetic night of poetry. I went to my weekly open-mic night in Irving and experienced wordsmiths craft pieces of art that can’t be seen, but can definitely be felt. I fell in love. Again.

I had made a soft (weak) commitment to perform tonight, but did not. So again, I commit. And I know how I am wired, so I must commit to the promoter and tell him to put me on the list. Chickening out will not be an option. I will perform.

Give Although I Have Little to Give

Today I met with potential client that was interested in hiring me to design his website. I expected to persuade him to hire me and pay me.

Instead, I offered my services for free. I just can’t get it right.

Why would I do that? Am I a terrible negotiator? Not at all. He has a foundation he created that gives people in third world countries the opportunity to receive an education. I was touched. This is my chance to give.

I do not have much money to give, yet I can offer my services. He insisted on paying me and simply donate it to the foundation and sponsor some of these children. And so I will.

So, What About Helping Here?

I’m glad you asked. I have a dream of creating a community center. A place for teenagers to come and learn to express themselves.

How? Poetry, art, speaking, singing, rapping, dancing, sharing.

And I seem to have found another person with similar ambitions. A man that has offered me his place of business to begin to cultivate my dream. This is a man with dreams and passion. So now we share our dreams. It is still in the planning stages, but I am just tickled pink (imagine that for a moment)

Maybe I can get it right after all. And give some of the kids in my community an opportunity that they don’t have. An opportunity to share their voice. An opportunity to have a choice, that they think they don’t have.

And so, I continue… until I get it right.

By Teevee Aguirre