Charles Ogar: On Pursuing Dance Passion and Becoming a Fulltime Dancepreneur

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In today’s episode, we talk to Charles Ogar of NeoKizomba Productions.

I first met Charles over 6 years ago. He was one of the first to start teaching kizomba (His style of dance was later renamed to urbankiz.) in the US. This is the dance that virtually took over my life and my imagination.

He found himself fired a little later because he was too distracted but he made the best of it by building one of the bigger urbankiz brands in North America. He teaches all over North America, runs a membership site, hosts the largest urbankiz festival in North America, hosts a podcasts and who knows what else.

The dude stays busy.

He did it by following his passion and studying the art of marketing. He combines both like few others have been able to do.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about his story.

For more information, visit his website and follow him on all his social media profiles.


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