Make Them Feel Something

Make Them Feel Something

Whenever I’m ready to publish something new, I hesitate.

These days it lasts a few minutes. In the past, it might have taken me days or even weeks.

Why the hesitation?

I hesitate because I wonder: Is it good? Is it true? Will it hurt someone’s feelings? Will people think I’m stupid?

I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years to overcome that moment of hesitation, but it was still an issue.

Then I heard the prolific writer, James Altucher, say something in a podcast that has helped me get past that moment of hesitation quicker. Faster. Almost immediately.

“I don’t publish unless I’m afraid about what people are going to think of me.”

I hit rewind on that many times in the podcast to make sure I heard him correctly. I let that sink in.

It makes perfect sense.

If you don’t feel something, others will not feel something either. It won’t get attention because it’s safe, and it’s been said before.

And if people don’t feel “some sort of way” when coming across your work, they’re just going to ignore it and keep on scrolling.

I take a great deal of pride in ensuring that you will feel something if you take the time to consume my content.

You will nod your head in agreement or shake your head in disdain. But either way, you will know that it’s my truth.

Hesitating is normal. Publish anyway.


By Teevee Aguirre