On Growing Old Elegantly

My smile is crooked, and I’m missing a tooth. I nicknamed myself Toothless.
I’m slowly losing my hearing. Higher pitched sounds are difficult to hear. My knees have started to ache over the years. My hairline seems to be playing a game of “hide and seek”. I stopped looking.
I’m getting old and I love it.
My body is showing signs of wear and tear. But much like we do with our cars and homes, I’m upgrading and remodeling.
Some of the work required that I update my operating system and learn new skills. I’ve also had to alter the way I eat and exercise.
A few months back I started a workout program to develop “bulletproof knees”. My lower body is getting stronger while also increasing the flexibility in my entire body.
I can touch my toes, ya’ll!
I’ll even be getting some sleek hearing aids next year after I finish paying for the new pristine smile of my dreams.

I feel fit, fine, and fantastic.
If I’m lucky, I’ll be starting my modeling career soon. I’ll let you figure out if that was a joke. I’m about to be 46 and can see 50 from where I’m standing.
Given all the modern advancements in health and medicine, I’m confident that I’m rocking this “growing old” thing.
I plan to live until 92. So I’m creeping up on my halftime. Watch out for the final half.
It promises to be something to write about.


By Teevee Aguirre