RE: Love and Hate


Energy flows where attention goes. Someone smarter than me originally said that.

Demonstrate that what makes you happy. Show the world that beauty. That energy. Others will share it with you.

Focus your energy on what you dislike or hate and that is all you will see. That is what you will attract.

Misery loves company. Notice all the hate that comes out when you share that hate. It’s all energy. Like attracts like.

Joy and passion love company too. I will be there.

Teevee Aguirre

Teevee is an insanely funny and humble man who has traveled the world in his mind at least a dozen times since his imagination began to bloom at the tender age of 31. You can find him making a dent in the universe by sharing his lessons on parenting, marketing, manhood, relationships, leadership and whatever else tickles his fancy.