Teevee Takes The Stage

Tonight at 8pm I will take the stage to perform some improv. It is about damn time!

I have studied and talked about it for a long time. The anxiousness is huge. The butterflies are proliferating(?).

To say that I am nervous would be stating the obvious. One of the biggest benefits of this event is being able to entertain many of the people that have supported me through this journey of finding myself. Finding my passion. Finding my gift.

They have been there through the tough times. They have been there through the cry-baby moments and through the moments of excitement. Regardless they have shown my lovely ladies and I nothing but love.

Last Thursday was really hard for me emotionally. This Thursday I will celebrate life and all that I am blessed with. I will find truth in comedy. I will explore humor in the simple things in life. I will explore humor in the pain in life.

I look forward to talking to everyone after the show and giving them a “best hug”.

A wise man once said “you are the average of the people around you”. With that in mind, I must be a great person, eh?

Thank you. I am eternally grateful.

By Teevee Aguirre