Learning to Learn = Super Hero!

LEARN TO LEARN” is the last thought I finish my speeches when I’ve done my Career Day presentations.

This is the reason I do so many things with my daughters (most of which are free). I want them to feel like they can learn anything. It’s usually all skill based and just requires time and commitment.

When you learn how to hack the learning process than you have superpowers. Life becomes especially fun at that point.

“The Internet gives us the ability to open-source ultimate human performance. We can turn hacking our better selves into the largest citizen science project in history. We can, collectively, try to figure out how to become superheroes.”

There is no such thing as a good or bad memory,
just a trained and an untrained memory.

Read the Forbes article on Jim Quik and his journey to make this possible for everyone!

Beginning tomorrow, June 9th, I will begin working on improving my memory. I am working through Ron White’s Memory in a Month memory training program.

I will be personally sharing my progress.
One of my many goals on this project is to be able to memorize anyone’s name I meet! Anyone from this month on. So, stay tuned.

By Teevee Aguirre