On Karma

Every week we discuss many things.

Until recently most are black and white. Right and wrong. Up and down.

One of the biggest lessons which was covered this week was that of karma. Energy. It’s one of the topics I am passionate about

Anastacia did not want to let her older sister borrow her new boots. Fe asked. Ana declined for no particular reason even though she was not wearing them.

Fe’s feelings were hurt and when she told me about the situation. She asked kindly and waited until Ana wasn’t wearing them.

Truthfully Ana had the right and privilege to say no. They are hers.

Yet as I told the both of them the problem with this is that it sets in motion a bad energy.

Fe will remember this slight. They are sisters so these little scenarios will repeat themselves over and over.

And Ana will one day real soon need something that Fe has control over and will be declined and wonder why.

I tried to use this small instance to illustrate karma and energy on a grander scale. It’s something I am passionate about and aware of at all times.

Put good into the world and you will good back.

Positively seldom comes out negativity. It does. But not easily.

I welcome them to look at my life and analyze how I am regularly blessed with opportunities and friendships that are nothing short of astonishing.

I think they got it. If not, we will cover it again and again.

They’re getting older and the subject we cover are getting deeper and deeper.

It’s my goal to have their young minds prepared for some of the most complicated issues they will confront with a sense of understanding and awareness.

“Daddy told me this would happen and he mentioned this possible solution”

I’ve begun to position the lessons and knowledge I Share as if I was some type of “fortune teller”.

“These things will happen. Just wait for it”

This way the lessons I share with them don’t just come off as daddy just being old and cranky.

The lessons are universal. Change the music and decade and they are repeated over and over.

By Teevee Aguirre