How a Clueless But Observant Man Prepared His Daughters for Life


I’m not that smart.

But I do pay attention really, really well.

I see apparent patterns in everyday life. I’m convinced that being an immigrant kid helped me make this one of my unfair advantages and superpower.

I can change my mind quickly and at the drop of a dime with the correct information and argument. I’m not afraid of looking foolish. I don’t care much about social norms or traditions if it’s clear that those patterns are no longer valid or beneficial.

My ego and self-identity are going to be perfectly fine.

I’m often asked how I raised two little ladies with care and awareness for them as females. It’s not as hard as you would think, given my superpower.

I listen and watch for the patterns.

There are women all around me. I hear their struggles, pains, and frustrations. The patterns are there. I take this information and then give the map to my girls. I’ve never been a woman for a day in my life, but I had to understand what issues they would face in their future.

Human behavior is predictable.

My daughters will be confronted with the same issues as other women before them. So I make it my goal to get out in front of them.

Yes, every one of them.

Some of the conversations are difficult and awkward, but they’re worth the awkwardness.

If they are aware that there is a massive hole in the road up ahead, they can then make adjustments on their drive. My job is to ensure that I give them a reliable life map.

I don’t have to be a woman to see those patterns.

By Teevee Aguirre