On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father


Personal ephiphanies while in hurricane harbor


So, I’ve been in Florida for the past 7 days and while out here I have made some personal observations. In the process I have decided to make some changes in my life and lifestyle. I have also made a few personal commitments (see list below) I feel as if this trip has allowed me a chance to think. A LOT! Beaches, dolphins, islands, blue skies, new people all seem to have jolted my mind...

Our Family Rituals


“AGUIRRE!” we shout as we drive by the Aguirre Roden building on Central Expressway. Sometimes I am not paying attention when we drive past it and jump in my seat when they scream it from the back of the car. “AGUIRRE!” Family rituals. I don’t personally know Pedro or Peter Aguirre yet from the Aguirre Roden company (however one of them is a LinkedIn connection) but...

Growth. Time. Love.


I’m sitting here listening to them breathe. I pause to focus and get emotional every time I allow myself to experience a burst of memories that take me through the last few years of life. When they were younger, that I could carry them in my forearms facing down. I imagine this is a bit tough to imagine, but trust me, it’s a precious image. They have always been small for their ages...

Christmas, Thanksgiving, & Minimalism


I am a marketer and a minimalist. In fact I became a minimalist to become a marketer. I had to adopt a minimalist philosophy if I could ever seriously consider becoming my own boss and starting my own company. If I had not removed all excess from my life, I would have continued working at my management job. And although I enjoyed working with the people at my job, it took away valuable time with...

Energy is Truly is Magnetic


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ∼ Albert Einstein I posted this on my Facebook wall today and didn’t realize how much it would play out in my mind today. I have known this to be true for quite some...

Building a New Ritual


When I was much younger, I was persuaded into believing that I could do anything by all the propaganda out there. Although my parents did the best they could, they weren’t the ones that fed this to me. But I did believe it. An extension of that is believing that I can change things about myself that I didn’t like. So when I first came across the idea that doing anything for only 20-30...

My Thoughts on Fourth of July


My parents smuggled into this country when I was 2 years old. They did the same thing for the rest of my brothers and sisters, including my two baby sisters who were actually born here. Yes, I know that makes no sense. I didn’t truly know that I was illegal until I was a teenager and then was scared to walk in the street because I may “get caught”. To this day I still have this...

Letting Go


In the past 330 days or so I have let go of (unrealistic) expectations. Especially as it relates to women and love interests. What do I mean by this you wonder… Well, let’s just say that if I meet a woman I’m attracted to, I don’t begin to run her through an mental inspection to evaluate if she is Girlfriend material. I prefer to let grow organically. This has obviously...

On Becoming a Better Man, Human, and Father