The Hardest Day of the Year as Their Father

The day has come for them to go home to their mother. We’ve done this every year for the past 13 years; you’d think it would get easier.

It doesn’t.

I’m still filled with sadness and heartache. But, I could focus on the great memories we created this past month.

Yea, let’s do that.

Fe graduated, and we threw a party. I hate throwing parties, but my girlfriend insisted, and she ran point.

We invited many of the people who made an impact on her life. Family and friends who had never met each other shared the same space for the first time in my life to celebrate my big girl.

This was a special moment.

I can focus on the quality time we shared on a boat surrounded by water and great friends and then eating some lousy overpriced burgers to end the night. Priceless.

I can remember how they made Father’s Day the best day of my life—being surrounded by all my girls while laughing, playing, and hurting myself playing volleyball.

Or I can focus on the quick Florida road trip where we learned the value of managing expectations, avoiding hanger, and Pixar’s knowing what heartstrings to strum.

They insisted on continuing all our corny family rituals. Only this summer, they tucked Carla and me to bed while they continued with their work.

I wonder, did I have all the conversations we needed to have? Did we do all the things we wanted to do?

No, we didn’t.

But we did make the best of the four weeks. There are pictures and videos to remind me when my memory fails me.

The memories of today will fill their stories of tomorrow. I can focus on that truth.

This brings a smile to my face.

By Teevee Aguirre